OOTB's Guide to Rush 2022!

This page will provide you with everything you need to know about rushing Out of the Blue. We can't wait to meet you and hear you sing! This page is going to be updated throughout the summer and early fall. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Rush team at


There are two (2) opportunities for you to hear OOTB perform this rush: Woolsey Jam (September 3rd at 8PM) in Woolsey Hall and Marsh Jam (September 5th at 8PM) in YSB Marsh in the new Yale Science Building. These performances are great for meeting OOTB members, getting to know our performance style, and (obviously) hearing us sing!


At the end of Marsh Jam, you'll be able to sign up for an audition slot. If you aren't able to attend or you miss sign-ups, contact to rush. Auditions and callbacks will take place in the Branford TV Room—look for our Rush table in the Branford Courtyard!

Your audition is super relaxed and will last about twelve minutes, consisting of these parts:

1. Warm-ups: Simple vocal exercises with the group to warm up your voice and demonstrate your range.

2. Pitch matching: We will play a short sequence of notes and ask you to sing them back to us.

3. Sight-singing: You will be given a few measures of music and about a minute to look over the piece. You will then be asked to sing the excerpt given a starting note and at any tempo you choose. If you don't have formal experience reading music, don't worry; this is totally stress-free and is only one small part of your audition!

4. Quartet: You will sing a voice part of your choice for one of our songs in a quartet with three current group members. We will give you sheet music in your audition packet; it is also linked on the right side of this page, along with audio files to help you practice. Please be familiar with your part before coming to auditions!

5. Solo: You will sing one song of your choosing—past OOTB members have auditioned with songs ranging from country music to Broadway! We ask that you sing a portion of music roughly the length of a verse and a chorus. Whatever you sing, make sure it's something you enjoy! If you love what you're singing, it will come across in the audition room.

Want to know more? Don't hesitate to ask our Rush Managers, or check out our Rush FAQs!

2022 Rush Calendar

Woolsey Jam
Time: September 3th, 8 PM, Woolsey Hall

Marsh Jam + Audition Sign-Ups
Time: September 5th, 8 PM, OC Marsh (Yale Science Building)

Time: September 8th–11th Branford TV Room

Singing Dessert!
Time: September 13th, 10 PM Off-Broadway Theater (OBT)

Time: September 17th–18th BranFord TV Room

Tap Night!
A night shrouded in mystery where we tap OOTB's class of 2022!

Out of the Blue is a member of the Yale Singing Group Council (SGC), an umbrella organization that represents 17 undergraduate a cappella groups. The SGC organizes Rush, along with other events throughout the year. More information about rush and a cappella at Yale can be found at

Audition Materials

Music and Audio Files

Callback Materials

Music and Audio Files

2022 Head Rush Managers

Spencer Blackwood
Saybrook 2024
Lekha Sunder
Silliman 2023

2022 Rush Managers

Kali Jupiter
Berkeley 2024
Dara Albrecht
Saybrook 2023

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