Sg profile

Stefy Grau

Berkeley '22

Hometown: Boca Raton, FL
Major: Imitating Minh and Kevin's Weird Noises
Voice Part: Soprano
Contact: stefanie.grau(at

Stefy is a jack of all trades. She woos EVERYONE with her magnetic personality, FREAKISHLY clean and effortless belts, tour guide TALENT and powerful laughter that you can hear all the way from Ben Frank to JE. This BIZ brings to OOTB her sharp organizational skills and commanding presence to KEEP. OOTB. IN. CHECK…even when we are craziest. She is our designated driver on tours, but keeps us entertained with her EDM raves in the drivers seat in Florida, Houston, and beyond….she’s truly a bright FLORIDIAN ray of sunshine!

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