Natalie Brown

Timothy Dwight '25

Hometown: Cambridge, MA
Major: Poptropical Studies
Voice Part: Alto
Contact: natalie.brown(at

I once heard someone say that Natalie didn’t audition for OOTB; OOTB auditioned for Natalie. This paradigm was resoundingly confirmed on the hallowed grounds of Coral Academy of Science, Las Vegas, in the spring of 2022. Some have speculated that the Coral administrators personally installed a plaque to commemorate the site of her performance, and they’re never washing the tiles on which she stood. And as the 7th graders at Coral were quick to point out, while she is indeed so pretty (!), there’s more to Natalie than meets the eye. A musician and playwright, she has performed at 54 Below, and is currently writing her second musical. She is so talented, and pretty (!)

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