Minh vu 2023 profile

Minh Vu

Silliman '20

Hometown: Absecon, NJ
Major: Squeaking
Voice Part: Tenor
Contact: minh.vu(at yale.edu)

Minh Vu brings to OOTB a wealth of experience in charades (ask them about their egg impression) and a constant state of confusion. As long as they manage to successfully follow Google Maps to the concert without getting lost, Minh’s mind-blowing tenor (alto?) range will knock your socks off—the only thing better than hearing them jump an octave is their tragically chopped-off frosted tips. Luckily, an even more iconic hair trend has taken its place: Minh’s ever-present bandana. Like literally ever-present. They're always wearing one. WHAT ARE YOU HIDING UNDER THERE, MINH???

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