Michael chen 2023 profile

Michael Chen

Grace Hopper '23

Assistant Pitch
Hometown: Pittsford, NY
Major: The art of Mr. Fix-It
Voice Part: Bass
Contact: michael.chen(at yale.edu)

Michael is OOTB’s all-in-one assistant musical director, bass extraordinaire, cutie, and zombie apocalypse survivor. Incredibly yet disconcertingly always prepared, Michael seems to have anything and everything in his unassuming backpack to help OOTB survive through any situation, whether it’s a gigantic portable charger or a pair of pliers that can cut through zip ties that secure the fences at Yale parties (again these are just hypothetical situations)! Other than his resourcefulness, Michael’s mannerisms are just the cutest. You can often see him tilting his head to the side and beaming a toothless smile while raising his eyebrows. And when you don’t see him, he’s either reading something from his collection of over 3,000 books or adding to his collection of sticky note doodles.

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