Lekha sunder 2023 profile

Lekha Sunder

Silliman '23

Rush Manager
Hometown: Houston, TX
Major: Arriving Precisely 5 Minutes Late to Everything
Voice Part: Alto
Contact: lekha.sunder(at yale.edu)

Ever worried you’ll say the wrong thing in a situation? Well Lekha ALWAYS says the most inappropriate and outrageous thing - but she’s so freaking cute and funny that everyone just bursts out laughing. Don’t even get me started with disagreeing with Lekha. Disagree or get into a fight with Lekha Sunder and that BO$$ speech and debate champion QUEEN will always prevail and SLAY YOU. Her heart of gold and thicckkkk and powerful belt will always stand out, and Lekha Sunder will go down as a BELTING goddess of OOTB forever.

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