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Kushal Dev


Hometown: East Brunswick, NJ
Major: Double Major in Vines and Mac & Cheese
Voice Part: Tenor
Contact: kushal.dev(at yale.edu)

Kushal only joined Out of the Blue because he confused it with a kpop group. “BOOTY,” he exclaimed in disappointment upon discovering his error. Luckily, OOTB has since won Kushal over with irresistible charm and plenty of OOTPuns, which are Kushal’s favorite aspect of his OOTxperience. One of OOTB’s most dynamic members, Kushal can completely transform his appearance by shaving his beard, causing general bamboozlement among his friends and fellow OOTBites. We still love him despite the bamboozlement. If only OOTB could have a bushel of Kushals!

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