Kendall Grimes

Morse '26

Pitch (Musical Director)
Hometown: Nashville, TN
Major: Monochromatic Clothing
Voice Part: Alto
Contact: kendall.grimes(at

OOTB’s Mojo Dojo Casa House wouldn’t be complete without this Ken…dall. Singer-songwriter, rock climber (Everest you’re on thin ice), and personified ray-of-sunshine, Kendall has never once failed to impress! Listening to her warm voice is easy like a sunday morning, and though she may be on the younger end of OOTB members, this Alto is wise beyond her years. For many, the mark of a night well spent is measured in the sweet sound of Kendall’s smooth riffs as she takes us Somewhere Only We Know. Her easy laugh, kind smile, and enthused stomps place Kendall a cut above the rest, and are enough to make you forget that her ginger isn’t natural!

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