Jackie Testamark

Berkeley '24

Hometown: Levittown, NY
Major: TikTok Dances
Voice Part: Alto
Contact: jackie.testamark(at yale.edu)

The title of funniest member of OOTB is a highly contentious and elusive one. While there are many members in the running, Jackie is definitely a contender (and most likely the winner). Whether reciting word-for-word Disney Channel’s Pass the Plate series hosted by the inimitable Brenda Song or recalling any possible TikTok sound in the unending algorithm, any interaction with Jackie is bound to erupt in disruptive laughter (sorry, Pitch Team). Speaking of canon, did you guys know Jackie studies Classics? We’re sure you do because she never stops talking about all of the 3,000 year old bones she dug up this past summer. Odi te, Jackie! (That means “I love you” in Latin, by the way).

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