Eamon hauser 2023 profile

Eamon Hauser

Ezra Stiles '23

Hometown: New York, NY
Major: Staring at Corn Kernels Till They Pop
Voice Part: Tenor
Contact: eamon.hauser(at yale.edu)

For twenty years of life—until May 2019—Eamon had never eaten a salad before. When we aren’t concerned for his daily nutritional values, we are either jamming out to his rock vocals or learning yet another arrangement he magically produces, shamelessly pun-intended, out of the blue.

OOTB inadvertently has a song dedicated to Eamon we sing frequently: When Hozier’s “amen” riffs in “Take Me to Church” approach, be sure to give this tenor a little wink of lust-driven heresy. Amen, Eamon, amen.

In addition to doing theatre on campus, this New York native is also a world-renowned indie filmmaker, so please beg him to make his 2008 YouTube videos public again… for institutional purposes.

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