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Eamon Hauser

Ezra Stiles '23

Hometown: New York, NY
Major: Staring at Corn Kernels Till They Pop
Voice Part: Tenor
Contact: eamon.hauser(at

For twenty years of life—until May 2019—Eamon had never eaten a salad before. This health guru is our Pitch for the 2021-2022 academic year, and when we aren’t concerned for his daily nutritional values, we are either jamming out to his rock vocals or learning yet another arrangement he magically produces, shamelessly pun-intended, out of the blue.

OOTB inadvertently has a song dedicated to Eamon we sing frequently: When Hozier’s “amen” riffs in “Take Me to Church” approach, be sure to give this tenor a little wink of lust-driven heresy. Amen, Eamon, amen.

In addition to doing theatre on campus, this New York native is also a world-renowned indie filmmaker, so please beg him to make his 2008 YouTube videos public again… for institutional purposes.

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