Dara albrecht profile

Dara Albrecht

Saybrook '23

Rush Manager
Hometown: Charlotte, NC
Major: Quoting Vines in an Indie Voice
Voice Part: Soprano
Contact: dara.albrecht(at yale.edu)

Every day is a runway for miss Dara! This stunting sop queen is able to outserve even Tyra Banks herself—she’s an influencer in Y Fashion House and is also JAMerica’s Next Top Model (and it shows). While Dara’s stunting fashion style is certainly immaculate, it almost pales in comparison to her infectious personality. Both beautiful inside and out, this North Carolinian native has the ability to make ANYONE laugh—wait no, GAG—with her insane dance moves (she can shoot to literally any song) and with her sass (follow her on insta @sassqueenn!). * Tongue pop! *

When Dara isn’t sizzling on the runway, she’s sizzling quesadillas in the Saybrook Buttery—better known as the Squiche (pronounced SQUEE-CHEE!) But most importantly, Dara SIZZLES and SHINES on stage where she can beautifully riff and belt away. We are so lucky to have this multitalented QUEEN in our OOTFamily<3!

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