Benj mousseau 2023 profile

Benj Mousseau

Saybrook '25

Hometown: Bellevue, WA
Major: Fun Factoids
Voice Part: Tenor
Contact: benjamin.mousseau(at

It is quite easy to spot Benj amongst the OOTB crowd. He is often bouncing around in shoe and hyping up the soloist, and when not singing he’s affixed with a permanent smile that’ll undoubtedly brighten your day. We speculate, however, that this smile is a source of immense power and focus. In addition to a cappella, this talented tenor somehow finds the time to joyfully complete his problem sets as a STEM major, running the Yale Jump Rope Club, and biking across giant bridges in his free time. Benj will also always have extra clementines for you to snack on during rehearsals. Thanks, sweet Benj!

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