Abigail yadegar 2023 profile

Abigail Yadegar

Jonathan Edwards '24

Pitch (Musical Director)
Hometown: Encino, CA
Major: Having blue eyes but they change color
Voice Part: Soprano
Contact: abigail.yadegar(at yale.edu)

An internationally renowned vocalist who has sung at Carnegie Hall, a polyglot who has studied abroad twice, a co-editor in chief of an art history journal, co-president of Yale’s chapter of The Women’s Network, and a YCBA guide and the guide program’s PR Head; Abigail somehow manages to do literally everything while also looking so photogenically stunning (check out her Instagram feed). Abigail is also OOTB’s iconic Pitch and Co-Brand Manager, arranging our music while envisioning our social media presence. Show us your G-Cal, Abs!

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