The details

After an amazing year of sharing our music at a cappella competitions and across three continents, we decided to record the three songs that defined our journey to the ICCA Finals. The result is Brand New Walk, a studio-produced EP recording that immortalizes the hard work we invested in these songs.

The tracks

  1. Something's Got a Hold on Me / Candyman

    (opb. Etta James / Christina Aguilera)
    Soloist: Kate Taylor-Mighty '15
    Arranged by Andre Shomorony '13 and David Ottenheimer '14
  2. Jar of Hearts

    (opb. Christina Perri)
    Soloist: Sana Sharma '14
    Arranged by David Ottenheimer '14
  3. Bottom of the River

    (opb. Delta Rae)
    Soloist: Aviva Musicus '13
    Arranged by Harris Eppsteiner '12

The Sponsors

We would like to thank the following individuals, whose generosity helped make this album possible:

Lee Seymour
Steven Li
Elizabeth O'Hare
Justin Quam
Keith Krulak
Rebecca Blum
Dan Ottenheimer, Sara Weber, and
    Luna Ottenheimer
Michael Short
The Dec Family
Eric Maltzer
Zack Greenburg
Paul Sheehan